The Rise of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s leading investment management company. The firm’s diversity has assisted in propelling the business venture to success. Fortress Investment Group applies its wide and deeply spread roots of experience and expertise across some investment strategies in the globe. The investments include traditional assets management, credit, private equity, and the liquid markets on behalf of over one thousand five hundred investors and other customers across the globe.

Since its inception in 1998, when the firm was founded as a private equity firm, Fortress Investment group has been a trendsetter among its peers. The success was seen in 2007. When the largest private equity business venture decided to go public and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, the investment group has diversified its operations to a global scale with the capability of directing close to forty-three billion assets for about one thousand, eight hundred investors in the hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles and private equity. For the two decades that the organization has been in operation, its vision has been “Strong risk-adjusted returns” for its investors. The company has its headquarters in New York City and employs over 900 people globally.

The engine behind the smooth running and success of the firm lies in the hands of the three principals Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger. The trio has expertise in capital markets, operations management, asset-based investment, and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, it’s asset-based financing through the private equity, and credit-based funds are made up of a vast customer base including capital, real estate and the financial vehicles that attribute to the long-term cash flow. The company has experience financing, owning, pricing and management of the economic and physical assets at once and giving their best output.

Furthermore, over the period of two decades, Fortress Investment group has gain experience in that management of acquisitions and Mergers. Additionally, the company has gathered employees who have worked with a range of well-known corporations around the globe. Therefore, the workers have vast experience in management and financial knowledge in equal measures.

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Ted Bauman – A Certified Investment Adviser

Ted Bauman is a renowned expert in the investment industry. He is he is also a member of the Banyan Hill Publishing. In one of his recent posts, Ted gave an extensive explanation of the three possible factors that lead to a crash of a stock market. He stated that there is a possibility that the current bull market will still exist. However, he noted that the existence is not a guarantee as there are signs for it to fail. Ted is one of the most suitable investment advisers. He has a great experience and has already been proven to be successful in his endeavors.

Ted Bauman originated from the United States of America. This is where he was born and brought up in the East Coast Shore. He moved to South Africa for his education. In South Africa, he pursued economics and history after which he proceeded with a career in the nonprofit department that took place for over 20 years. He directed all his concentration on low-cost housing projects that assisted many people to relocate from slums into better housing facilities. One of his organization has been massively successful such that it has helped over fourteen million people in various countries.

Apart from his education and projects in South Africa, Ted Bauman also earned tremendous experience and knowledge in low-risk investments methodologies. Later on, he moved back to the United States. This was when Ted became a member of Banyan Hill Publishing. He currently writes three newsletters for Banyan Hill that focuses on privacy, low-risk investment; asset Hill Publishing has been highly beneficial and impressive. Ted also had two critical reminders for the investors. The first reminder is that the investors need to be calm and the second one is that they need to have a clear plan for their future. As per Ted Bauman experience, Market volatility may be a sign of a new scenario that is almost about to occur. In Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman uses his articles to invite his subscribers to read his upcoming May issues to get acquainted with the seven great strategies that can be highly useful in the current market.

Stream Energy leads the way in Corporate Philanthropy

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Streams founders had a simple vision in mind when starting the company, a one-stop shop for living needs like electricity, cell phone service, and home phones. The company also offers something a little more unique, virtual MD’s who provide around the clock access to video consultations to its customers, providing a quality, remote, and convenient healthcare option. On top of their amazing services, they have also been actively involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors within their community.

Corporate Philanthropy is part of Stream Energy’s history. Stream launched its charitable foundation, Stream Cares, to formalize its ongoing philanthropic endeavors throughout the state of Texas and the entire country. For more than a dozen years Stream Energy has been helping the homeless and funding recovery programs for natural disasters. During Hurricane Harvey, the company was the first to fund the recovery effort as well as ease the economic strain of its customers. Stream has also built long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, employees, and corporate leadership also drive local, grassroots giving. Both the company and its employees routinely track how many people are homeless in Dallas alone, noting the devastating 24% increase in homelessness in Dallas alone.

With Operation Lifeline, Stream Energy helped provide both moral and financial support to Dallas area veterans and their families. Instead of simply throwing money at the problem, they donated transportation so less fortunate military veterans and their families could enjoy a special holiday lunch including steaks, ribs and more. The following day Stream co-hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for 10 military members daughters. 10 American dolls were given to the young girls with lunch being provided by the company at the American Girl Café.

There is no doubt about it, Stream Energy has led the way for corporate philanthropist looking to make a change in their respective communities. What sets Stream Energy apart, besides there innovative business model and generous commission-based compensation for their employees; is their efforts to make a real change in their community, not just throw money at a problem. Sometimes people don’t need a check, they need love.


Matt Badiali: Investment Freedom

Matt Badiali is a graduate from Penn State who majored in science. He has a bachelor’s degree in Science and a Masters of Science in Geology which he received from Florida Atlantic University. He worked toward a Ph.D at the University of North Carolina as well and did all of this before 2004. Not long after, he was introduced to the financial world when one of his friends asked if he could get involved in his business. He wanted to see if Matt Badiali would be any good at giving investors advice in what they can do so they can earn a large amount in profits and not be stepped on by the big investors. Not only did Matt understand the financial aspect, but he had the science of the investment cycle under his belt as well. He was also keen on the level of speculation that goes into the business. Matt took his friends advice and went on to triple the investments of his clients in the time he worked with his friend.

Since then, Matt Badiali has launched Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter where he continues to give investment advice to the average investor. To add to his growing financial brand, he’s also introduced what he calls Freedom Checks. Badiali wants to allow investors to get the highest returns possible and additional subsidy from the government. This has been made possible with Freedom Checks. He does this by using companies who aren’t subject to taxation. Matt Badiali has told his investors and others that are interested in investing that these Freedom Checks are a great opportunity for them to make a lot of money. He’s even proven it. Investors that are working with Matt Badiali have received earnings of more than $150,000 with Freedom Checks. It’s almost impossible to enhance profits with investing, especially when you don’t feel as qualified as the people who have been in this business for years. However, Badiali and others like him are giving average investors their own guide.

Jeunesse Exclusive Youth-enhancing Products

On September 09, 2009 at 9:00 p.m., Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to end their retirement from a previous successful career to launch Jeunesse. They chose this specific date and time to display their intents to not only make it, but to prosper in this endeavor. With this mindset, they have had the ability to share their array of youth enhancement products with the world. From serums, to make up, to drinkable skin care, Jeunesse has paved a revolutionary path. Not only are their products unique, they have one of the best direct-sales compensation programs put into place. This, coupled by their product line, speaks volumes as to what Jeunesse intends to accomplish.

Instantly Ageless

The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and under eye bags are reduced within 2 minutes and the results last anywhere from 6 to 9 hours. Targeting areas that have lost their elasticity, this specifically designed micro-cream will give the appearance of more toned, lifted skin.


Jeunesse uses their exclusive, youth-enhancing APT-200 in this product that includes a skin-perfecting primer, foundation, and bronzer. This product works to cover blemishes and give the perfect airbrush finish to skin with a simple application process.


Taking the form of a tasty blend of super-fruits that contain various antioxidants, Reserve is a convenient diet supplement. Containing no added sugars, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, a botanical blend of antioxidants super-charge internal systems and help give a more youthful feel to living.


Jeunesse takes an Eastern medicine approach with this supplement made with L-Theanine, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and CERA-Q (a protein derived from silkworm cocoons). It is a distraction reducing, memory enhancing, and mental distraction reducing gel-pack supplement for the mind.


Taking a different route, this is a skin enhancing supplement that is drinkable. Using clinically tested TruMarine Collagen, this supplement promotes a younger appearance in as little as 4 weeks by increasing skin hydration and promoting normal collagen formation.

While this is not all of the products that Jeunesse offers, it does give insight into the company’s product line and general product goals.

Time Will tell If Shervin Pishevar Is Right About A lot Of Things

It’s not unusual for someone to log onto Twitter for a good, spleen-clearing rant. But when someone like Shervin Pishevar does it, it becomes a significant media event — even if people are somewhat confused about what it is he’s really talking about.

Shervin Pishevar is one of America’s most successful venture capitalists. He has backed some of the biggest business success stories in recent years. For example, he put his money into such iconic brands as Uber, Airbnb and Munchery. He is also the founder of, Hyperloop One, SGN and Hyperoffice, to name just a few.

Pishevar had gone through a period of silence on Twitter, then one day in February, the damn broke. Shervin Pishevar unleashed Tweet after Tweet writing about everything from the stock market and inflation, to the fates of Bitcoin and Silicon Valley.

As to inflation, Shervin Pishevar said it may be something we never have to worry about again. He correctly pointed out that many prediction about inflation rates made by top economists have failed to manifest in recent years. Pishevar said the United States has effectively found a way to “export inflation” through trade policy. Time will tell if he is right about this.

What about Bitcoin? Pishevar said this cryptocurrency is wildly overvalued and that investors should expect a tumble in price. On the other hand, Mr. Pishevar thinks Bitcoin will stabilize, perhaps at a value between $2,000 and $5,000. He also has positive instincts about the future of cryptocurrencies. He said he likes the fact that this form of wealth is “stateless” and will enable new investors to leverage cash more easily for future start-up ventures.

Mr. Pishevar Tweeted dire news for California and Silicon Valley. He opined that the era of technology dominance for this geographic location will soon be over. He said that Silicon Valley has become more of an “idea” than an actual, distinct entity. That means competition from all points on the globe may topple the once powerful center of high tech innovation, he suggested.

What are we to make of it? Perhaps it doesn’t matter. A year from now it will be easy to test the accuracy of the strange Tweetstorm of Shervin Pishevar.