Doe Deere Is In Pusuit of Cosmetics Excellence

What more can you say about the cosmetics industry? This exclusive field of work is very demanding, is very exciting and is very fascinating. The cosmetics industry is all about creativity, and it does a great job of introducing never-before-seen products. This is where Lime Crime comes into the frame. This brand has set the industry on fire in so many different ways. The heart and soul of this phenomenal brand comes from its founder Doe Deere. Doe Deere’s personality, and her mentality is as vibrant as her brand’s colors. Yes, Lime Crime is the king of flamboyant colors which comes in:


  • Cashmere


  • Flamingo


  • Alien


  • Salem


  • Utopia


  • Back Velvet


  • Pink Velvet


  • Saint


  • Pansy


  • Red Velvet


  • And numerous others



Deere is known as the “Unicorn Queen” thanks to her brilliant array of hues. Every color-range can be found at Lime Crime, which matches every color of the rainbow. On the other hand, the company has a ton of exclusive blended colors that are one-of-a-kind. Deere resides in the city of Los Angeles with her husband. Did you know that Doe Deere was Russian? Yes, and she moved to The Big Apple when she was under 20 years old. Deere has spent over 10 years in New York. During this time, she has played in a band and has attended a prominent school for fashion. The boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan were her stomping grounds.


As of today, Lime Crime is one of the biggest names in cosmetics because it is completely different from anything else. The brand offers a full-array of products such as eyeliner, eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, lip topper, hair dye, nail polish, eye-shadow palettes and many more. Deere also tries the products herself before they ever get released. She provides the ultimate hands-on experience as she is deeply invested into her products. These kick-ass products have spared no expense, and they are unapologetically stunning. “Beauty should make you feel happy,” said Deere. Her success comes from understanding the market. Since the industry had a noticeable void of bright and colorful tones, Deere has laid claim to this abandoned niche. Deere stated, “my vegan-friendly brand has a special fantasy twist.” This notion perfectly personifies Doe Deere as well as her extraordinary brand.


For more information, connect with Doe Deere on LinkedIn.

Building A Business In This Day and Age

Doe Deere is the woman behind how Lime Crime has become what it is today. The brand started off as just an idea for her back in the day. She launched it back in 2004. However, she did have a very small business before that. She started off selling DIY products through her own eBay store. She made it as a means to start her path and eventually she built Lime Crime later on. Today, the brand is selling great lineups of things like lipsticks, eyeliners, hair dyes, and everything else on the horizon throughout the cosmetics industry.

Doe Deere found her person and built a brand off of that single passion of makeup. There are people who want to build a brand or company but don’t know what kind of market to focus on and choose the right niche. The key is to listen to your interests. What do you enjoy doing? What sets off your mind with your interests? What excites you?

In order to create a business, you need to know what gets you excited and happy. The key is to find the business that you truly love. Finding a niche is not an overnight process, and there’s a lot of work involved on finding what works and what kind of business you want to have.

You really need to have a good business plan in place afterwards. This business plan is going to go through all the things you want to invest in and what you may need in order to move forward with your business. You cannot have an investor want to give you a good amount of money as capital unless you have a business plan that proves what you are going to do with the capital. This is even more vital you need more than a million dollars in order to have your brand and company built from scratch. Learn more:

Do not be afraid to start off small and tiny. You can always take the business idea you have and start off with just a small investment of your own money to get the ball rolling and starting. You never want to run straight into it all. Investing your own money can be tough. Usually getting that big investment is great for getting started right away so you can get big on your ideas and get the chance to go all out. Learn more:

Building any business is about strategy and knowing what your strengths are as a business. Do not just jump into any idea without researching and knowing and learning about the market as best as you can. The truth is that there are many opportunities that are coming to you if you create that business plan.