Top Tips about Penelope Kokkinides You Should Know

Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare. The organization is the leading healthcare service provider for the residents of Puerto Rico. She is the second in the chain of command of the company that is led by Richard Shinto. Just recently, Penelope Kokkinides held a meeting with US president to talk about the healthcare crisis in Puerto Rico. She was among the eight women committee that met with the president to find solutions concerning the healthcare problems affecting their people. InnovaCare Health is a leading company in managed healthcare services in North America.

Penelope had a chance to discuss with the president about the strategy she believed would be effective to solve the healthcare dilemma being faced by Puerto Rico. Penelope Kokkinides told president Trump that the most effective way of improving the health care situation in this island is to enhance the financial spending that has been reduced by the government since 2011.

The primary problem about the healthcare system of Puerto Rico is that the government has failed to adequately fund the system on this island. Enhancing the financial restriction will help many individuals get basic health care services since they will manage to pay for it. Since this woman has several years of experience serving in the leadership position in this industry, Penelope is well equipped with the knowledgeable figure in this field. Additionally, she knows how to establish the healthcare infrastructure that will be helpful to the government and to the residents who desperately need the services. Furthermore, she has acumen into the healthcare and for this reason; she can promptly offer solutions that can assist in enhancing the healthcare service delivery.

Rick Shinto and Kokkinides found out that establishing a temporary healthcare facility is another best alternative for solving the current healthcare problem in Puerto Rico. The island was devastated when Hurricane Maria struck the territory in 2017, and many healthcare facilities were demolished and never restored. The healthcare services provided by Innovacare have offered the usual health services to many residents who would not afford any healthcare at all.

However, the healthcare condition in Puerto Rico is not easy to solve since the economic state has been the major catalyst for the problems that the island faced. Additionally, Hurricane Maria worsened the situation. By good luck, the residents of Puerto Rico are blessed with the most insightful and experienced individuals like Rick Shinto and Kokkinides who assist in changing the situation.

Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

When patients are unhappy with the shape and size of their buttocks, they need a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. Butt lift surgery can optimize their figures. Sometimes losing weight makes somebody not have an ideal buttock size, since their buttocks lack shape. Butt lifts are customized to every patient’s needs. Surgery can be performed on its own or with other procedures. The procedure takes fat from other parts of the body and puts it in the location where it is needed. Choosing a surgeon involves looking for referrals from friends and family.




Brazilian butt lift works for people who do not have big buttocks. Doctors do not inject the fat but they lift the fat up. Some people don’t like their buttocks and want to add fat to it. Bariatric surgery causes massive weight loss and a referral from a surgeon can be given. Interviewing the prospective doctor is necessary to get done after a certain point as you can call, email, or speak in person with your future board certified surgeon. Some people want more volume in their buttocks anyway and need the surgery to make this happen.



Some plastic surgeons specialize in a specific kind of surgery besides buttocks lifts. If the patient has access to a popular surgeon, this means the surgeon is trusted to perform this procedure. Alternatives to butt lifts should be researched as well because the surgeon can determine a different procedure will suit your needs. Questions and concerns for the surgeon need to be communicated directly. Costs for the surgery also need to be determined as well as what is included in the price. Butt lift surgery has some risks. As there are some risks with butt lift surgery, the surgeon ought to be transparent with you about what those are.


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One of the newest players on the supplement scene, Elysium Health, has recently brought its first product to market. Known as Basis, the nutritional supplement uses precursors of a substance called NAD+, which is a key component in cellular respiration, to boost circulating levels of the substance in the bodies of consumers of the product.

This can result in significant improvements to overall health. Due to the fundamental importance of cellular respiration, the potential benefits of sustaining the body’s ability to perform this life-critical process is important for overall health. Basis has already been conclusively shown to raise NAD+ levels in subjects taking the supplement through a clinical trial. Although the product is still relatively new to the supplement industry, there is a great deal of promise in a supplement that has such a potent ability to promote overall health.

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NAD+ is strongly associated with overall health and longevity

NAD+, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is the most important molecule that no one’s ever heard of. Outside of aging research circles, few people could describe what NAD+ is or what its role in biological chemistry is. But within the relevant research communities, the importance of NAD+ in regulating our cellular functions is not lost.

Scientists have long known the tendency for NAD+ levels to decline as we age. Depleted NAD+ levels may have an effect on overall cellular functioning. Restoring NAD+ levels can often have a seemingly small but vital effect on your overall cellular health.

Basis is changing the way that the supplement industry is viewed. Rather than empty promises and quackery, Elysium is bringing real results, firmly based in science.