Infinity Group Australia Continues to Flourish with Graeme Holme at the Helm

When Graeme Holme and Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013, they aimed to “help one Australian at a time” by helping them to eliminate debt. Based on a number of Infinity Group Australia reviews, the company has done just that, dissolving debt at a rate previously unseen in the region. While there are countless traditional brokers throughout Australia, with Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holme decided to approach the problem from a different angle by “going into extensive detail around household expenses and ongoing family needs, not just wants.” By tailoring their program around the individual, they take a hands-on approach that allows them to implement budgets regarding necessary expenses such as entertainment, gas, and groceries. Each month, each client is provided a performance report, which allows them to track their process regarding financial goals and expenses, while also highlighting areas of change that may need to be addressed. According to Infinity Australia Group reviews, the company’s method of implementing a debit card to control spending has been exceptionally effective, and recently, Graeme Holme and Rebecca Walker were recognized by the Australian Financial Review, ranking number 58 on their prestigious Top 100 Most Innovative Companies for 2018 list.

Today, Infinity Group Australia is recognized as one of the premier debt reduction companies in Australia, based on its use of innovative techniques to help average citizens reduce their current debt, while also preparing for their financial futures. With only five years of operation under its belt, the meteoric rise of Infinity Group Australia is a testament to their work ethic and avant-garde problem-solving acumen. Each year, the Australian Financial Review publishes a list of the most innovative companies in the country, basing the judgment criteria on the degree to which the company is addressing their primary focus, the uniqueness of the solution that they have developed, and the effect that it has on people in the real world. With over 1,000 companies up for selection, Infinity Group Australia placed 58th, putting them in the top 5.9 percentile. In July of 2018, Graeme Holme accepted the award at the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List awards, thanking his team for their significant contributions and commitment to “doing things differently.” Despite the young age of his company, Graeme Holme has spent over 15 years working in finance, and since its founding, has continued to inject his signature brand of economic aplomb. Learn more: