The Rise of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s leading investment management company. The firm’s diversity has assisted in propelling the business venture to success. Fortress Investment Group applies its wide and deeply spread roots of experience and expertise across some investment strategies in the globe. The investments include traditional assets management, credit, private equity, and the liquid markets on behalf of over one thousand five hundred investors and other customers across the globe.

Since its inception in 1998, when the firm was founded as a private equity firm, Fortress Investment group has been a trendsetter among its peers. The success was seen in 2007. When the largest private equity business venture decided to go public and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, the investment group has diversified its operations to a global scale with the capability of directing close to forty-three billion assets for about one thousand, eight hundred investors in the hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles and private equity. For the two decades that the organization has been in operation, its vision has been “Strong risk-adjusted returns” for its investors. The company has its headquarters in New York City and employs over 900 people globally.

The engine behind the smooth running and success of the firm lies in the hands of the three principals Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger. The trio has expertise in capital markets, operations management, asset-based investment, and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, it’s asset-based financing through the private equity, and credit-based funds are made up of a vast customer base including capital, real estate and the financial vehicles that attribute to the long-term cash flow. The company has experience financing, owning, pricing and management of the economic and physical assets at once and giving their best output.

Furthermore, over the period of two decades, Fortress Investment group has gain experience in that management of acquisitions and Mergers. Additionally, the company has gathered employees who have worked with a range of well-known corporations around the globe. Therefore, the workers have vast experience in management and financial knowledge in equal measures.

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Lacey and Jim Larkin fight-off human discrimination in Arizona

The fight for human rights in the United States has been going on for a long time. It has taken efforts and even for some people to sacrifice their lives in the fight for all communities in the United States to be treated in the same manner. Discrimination based on race is an issue that is being handled and remains unresolved despite the many years that it has been around. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The main reason why this matter has never been resolved is the casualness that some people treat it with. A majority of the people from the majority communities are not concerned about the few of them who are discriminating the minority groups. It has been left to the minority groups to try and seek justice for themselves.

Immigration is a matter that has caused so much controversy in the United States that it can never be addressed in one piece like this. People have held a lot of divergent views on this matter. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

It is a matter that might take even more years before it is resolved. For people to start seeing each other as equals, it is something that might not happen in one day, but it surely should happen in the shortest time possible.

Immigration should, however, be used as a way of discriminating against and oppressing the people. This matter should be handled with no causalities. Unfortunately, this is not something that is happening.

A lot of people continue to suffer as a result of actions which should not be taken on them. For instance, the arrest of immigrants and placing them in jails with very poor conditions is discrimination of human rights and a matter that should not be happening in the 21st century.

The matter becomes worse when the people engaging in this conduct are the same people who should be protecting the rights of all people. It is common to see law enforcement agents being the ones using rogue means of kicking undocumented immigrants out of the country.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are some of the people who have been very supportive of the actions taken by human rights activist in Arizona. Through an organization they founded known as the Frontera Fund, they have made some key decisions which have contributed significantly to the reduction of cases of human discrimination in the state of Arizona. Many people who were being put through torturous life are now getting justice and support from human rights activists.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are focused on one thing, which is bringing the people closer to the things that matter the most. Once people learn how to respect each other, the world will become a better place. Justice should be for everyone and should not be based on the color of the skin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced huge challenges when they were starting off, but they never stooped. They have been arrested and jailed by Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff in Maricopa County exposing the actions which he was taking against immigrants in his county.

HCR Wealth Advisors’ Client-Based Approach

When it comes to money and allowing someone else to deal with it, trust is key. HCR Wealth Advisors, an investment advisory firm based out of Los Angeles, takes great pride in the trusting relationships they have with their clients. In fact, building long lasting and trusting relationships, where the client is always put first, is a key aspect of the company’s culture.

In order to understand what sets HCR Wealth Advisors apart from other firms in the industry, it is crucial to understand the difference between a money manager and a wealth advisor. Money managers are responsible for distributing assets. It is the hope and goal of most money managers that they will pick stocks and bonds that beat the market. Contrary to money managers, wealth advisors, like those at HCR Wealth Advisors, tend to be relationship-based. It is critical to a wealth advisor’s success that they sit down with each client and get to know them, their overall financial situation, what their short and long-term financial goals are, when and how they hope to retire, and among other things, potential life events that they want to plan for. Without this information, it is impossible to properly to set a realistic strategy and attainable goals.

According to, to better be able to ensure success and deliver great service, HCR Wealth Advisors assigns most clients a three-person team. First, each client is assigned a lead advisor who serves as the main point of contact. Second, each client gets a financial planner. This person is dedicated to helping their clients plan both current and future goals and a strategy to get there. Third, every person gets an analyst; who is responsible for analyzing current investments to make sure they are helping the client meet their goals. All three people on a client’s team meet together, with their client, on a regular basis to ensure things are going according to the plan and address any questions or concerns a client may have. Here are the available jobs at HCR Wealth.

Often times in the finance industry products are offered to clients for the simple reason that it makes the firm money. However, because HCR Wealth Advisors stands as an independent firm, working in the best interest of each client, the firm only offers products to their clients that will be beneficial to the overarching goal. Additionally, the firm doesn’t have hidden fees that are attached to their services. Instead, they are up front about what their fees are, which typically consists of a percentage of the overall amount of assets they are managing for that specific client. Know more about their founder and CEO Greg Heller.

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Stream Energy leads the way in Corporate Philanthropy

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Streams founders had a simple vision in mind when starting the company, a one-stop shop for living needs like electricity, cell phone service, and home phones. The company also offers something a little more unique, virtual MD’s who provide around the clock access to video consultations to its customers, providing a quality, remote, and convenient healthcare option. On top of their amazing services, they have also been actively involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors within their community.

Corporate Philanthropy is part of Stream Energy’s history. Stream launched its charitable foundation, Stream Cares, to formalize its ongoing philanthropic endeavors throughout the state of Texas and the entire country. For more than a dozen years Stream Energy has been helping the homeless and funding recovery programs for natural disasters. During Hurricane Harvey, the company was the first to fund the recovery effort as well as ease the economic strain of its customers. Stream has also built long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, employees, and corporate leadership also drive local, grassroots giving. Both the company and its employees routinely track how many people are homeless in Dallas alone, noting the devastating 24% increase in homelessness in Dallas alone.

With Operation Lifeline, Stream Energy helped provide both moral and financial support to Dallas area veterans and their families. Instead of simply throwing money at the problem, they donated transportation so less fortunate military veterans and their families could enjoy a special holiday lunch including steaks, ribs and more. The following day Stream co-hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for 10 military members daughters. 10 American dolls were given to the young girls with lunch being provided by the company at the American Girl Café.

There is no doubt about it, Stream Energy has led the way for corporate philanthropist looking to make a change in their respective communities. What sets Stream Energy apart, besides there innovative business model and generous commission-based compensation for their employees; is their efforts to make a real change in their community, not just throw money at a problem. Sometimes people don’t need a check, they need love.


Infinity Group Australia Continues to Flourish with Graeme Holme at the Helm

When Graeme Holme and Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013, they aimed to “help one Australian at a time” by helping them to eliminate debt. Based on a number of Infinity Group Australia reviews, the company has done just that, dissolving debt at a rate previously unseen in the region. While there are countless traditional brokers throughout Australia, with Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holme decided to approach the problem from a different angle by “going into extensive detail around household expenses and ongoing family needs, not just wants.” By tailoring their program around the individual, they take a hands-on approach that allows them to implement budgets regarding necessary expenses such as entertainment, gas, and groceries. Each month, each client is provided a performance report, which allows them to track their process regarding financial goals and expenses, while also highlighting areas of change that may need to be addressed. According to Infinity Australia Group reviews, the company’s method of implementing a debit card to control spending has been exceptionally effective, and recently, Graeme Holme and Rebecca Walker were recognized by the Australian Financial Review, ranking number 58 on their prestigious Top 100 Most Innovative Companies for 2018 list.

Today, Infinity Group Australia is recognized as one of the premier debt reduction companies in Australia, based on its use of innovative techniques to help average citizens reduce their current debt, while also preparing for their financial futures. With only five years of operation under its belt, the meteoric rise of Infinity Group Australia is a testament to their work ethic and avant-garde problem-solving acumen. Each year, the Australian Financial Review publishes a list of the most innovative companies in the country, basing the judgment criteria on the degree to which the company is addressing their primary focus, the uniqueness of the solution that they have developed, and the effect that it has on people in the real world. With over 1,000 companies up for selection, Infinity Group Australia placed 58th, putting them in the top 5.9 percentile. In July of 2018, Graeme Holme accepted the award at the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List awards, thanking his team for their significant contributions and commitment to “doing things differently.” Despite the young age of his company, Graeme Holme has spent over 15 years working in finance, and since its founding, has continued to inject his signature brand of economic aplomb. Learn more:

When Bottled, Go Waiakea Water

Bottled water has recently become more and more popular today. For whatever personal reason it it, whether it be preference or benefits, many people like to choose a brand of bottled water and stick to it. Waiakea Water is one of many major bottled water companies that have struct popularity. The water originates from the founders childhood, near his uncles backyard by a volcano in Hawaii. The Hawaii volcanic water is said to be very delicious and tasty. The company founded by current CEO Ryan Emmons, donated much of its water to those in crucial areas in need.

There are many volcanic water benefits that are included with Waiakea Water. The company claims the water has many electrolytes and minerals and that there are no added artificers. That means the water is completely natural. Not to mention that for every liter sold, the company will donate water to those in need for a whole week. Waiakea Water also keeps pH scale of 8.2. Normally bottled waters is more acidic which may affect people with acid reflux, but because Waiakea Water has an 8.2 on the pH scale, you are sure to avoid acid and as well receive all nutrients that are normally removed in bottled water.

Waiakea Water is also the first water brand to ever use this new process of filtration. The water travels through 14 thousand feet worth of volcanic rock. The filtration is completely natural. The water comes from Mauna Loa and it rains almost every day of the year there and is considered one of the most rained places on Earth. This keeps a constant water supply. The environment takes a huge part in Hawaiian culture and by purchasing a bottle of Waiakea Water, you too are taking part in supporting the planet. Waiakea Water is great for many occasions whether it is for health benefits or knowing their work is providing fresh water to those in need.

There’s A Method To Doe Deere’s Madness: Cosmetics 101

Beauty and fashion goes hand-to-hand in most cases. These two industries seem to feed off each other, and they have been doing this for a very long time. When it comes to Lime Crime cosmetics, Doe Deere has used the same formula to create one of the world’s top beauty brands. Doe Deere is an independent fashion designer who is the founder of Lime Crime. This particular brand started as a fashion line around 2004, and it transitioned into a cosmetics line in 2008. This Russian-native has single-handedly brought new attention to the industry thanks to her revolutionary products.

Cutting, sewing and designing is what Doe Deere loves to do. When she launched her fashion line back in 2004, she was the only one who was performing 100 percent of the work. Lime Crime fashion was very vivacious in its appearance. “I already had pretty good knowledge of the subject because I majored in fashion design and illustration while in college,” said Deere. This woman has actually attended the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Before she focused on attending college, she got the chance to play in a band. This is where Deere would learn about the marketing side of the business. While playing in the band, she would meet her soon-to-be husband. Though Lime Crime fashion was generating some income, Deere decided to go into cosmetics. This cosmetics line was put in place to compliment the fashion line. Needless to say, the cosmetics side of the business turned into a cult favorite and Deere decided to focus all of her attention to producing makeup.

Lime Crime’s unique products have outshined some of the most popular brands like Maybelline and Covergirl. The products are easy to use, provides a wide range of hues and are safe to use on a consistent basis.

Robert Deignan: The Innovative Businessman

Robert Deignan has learned many valuable lessons that many entrepreneurs can benefit from if they are willing to listen. He is not the conventional businessman that uses only cold hard logic. He is also not the kind of person that lets his emotions control him or cloud his judgment. Something that not too many agree with Robert on is the way he makes his decisions. Mr. Deignan makes the most important decisions by listening to his gut, his intuition.

Robert has stated that he avoids situations if they do not feel right to him. The development of trusting his gut instinct has been tough and has required many disciplines. Robert has had to continuously train himself to only listen to his gut when thinking about making a decision. He has not been able to explain the reason why it works for him because he cannot put it into words, but he has found out through trial and error that it never fails him. Robert has been able to better navigate the business world by letting his gut guide him to the right decision.

Robert is not only all about the feelings. If he feels that an idea makes sense to him, he will put it in a spreadsheet. This strategy is what has helped him to grow his business over the years. He also advises to have proper discernment when deciding on who to raise money from. His suggestion is to not just go with the first investor that is able to fund you but to go with the investor that has similar businesses as you. It can still work out if the investor has some influences on other businesses that can benefit your own. Anything that can help you generate more customers or sales or reduce costs is a better choice.

The biggest failures that Robert Deignan has experienced in his time as a business owner is the hiring of people that didn’t fit in with his company culture. Even some of the most qualified people turned out to be a horrible fit for his company. For Robert, if they need to be micro-managed, they do not belong there.

Anil Chaturvedi Provides Top Notch Financial Advice

Anil Chaturvedi is one of the leading banking professionals out there. Anil Chaturvedi has great expertise in the field and has helped numerous customers and clients reach their goals.

Retirement planning is one of the most common services offered by money management and financial advisors. Banks and investment advisory firms have professionals who provide these highly needed financial services to clients and customers. Many financial planners offer retirement planning advisory as well as investment guidance.

If you are searching for a banking professional to guide you, then check out Anil Chaturvedi. Perhaps you want to get top notch advice and guidance on important financial matters. Maybe you need to get assistance from an experienced investment banker. That’s where Anil Chaturvedi comes in – to give you advice on how to reach your goal.

Anil Chaturvedi has been in the investment banking for years and is well recognized in the financial services arena. Anil Chaturvedi is passionate about guiding people who want to improve their finances and secure their future. Many people around the world rely on the expertise of professionals to achieved their goal of financial success.

When it comes to investing or banking, it is imperative to consult a knowledgeable professional like Anil Chaturvedi. By having access to a top banking or investment advisor, you can rest assured that you will be guided properly.

A highly knowledgeable professional like Anil Chaturvedi can help you plan, invest and grow your portfolio. Anil Chaturvedi can also provide assistance with retirement planning and other related issues. Whether you want to save for your children’s future or you want to invest for your retirement years, it is extremely important to get in touch with a renowned professional.

Financial planning is not something to be taken lightly. An experienced banker or investment planning expert can help put you on the path to financial success.

Professionals, organizations and entrepreneurs turn to bankers and investment advisory professionals for proper guidance. Ambitious people who want to secure their financial future and change their life can get guidance from a reputable banker like Anil Chaturvedi.

Jeunesse Exclusive Youth-enhancing Products

On September 09, 2009 at 9:00 p.m., Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to end their retirement from a previous successful career to launch Jeunesse. They chose this specific date and time to display their intents to not only make it, but to prosper in this endeavor. With this mindset, they have had the ability to share their array of youth enhancement products with the world. From serums, to make up, to drinkable skin care, Jeunesse has paved a revolutionary path. Not only are their products unique, they have one of the best direct-sales compensation programs put into place. This, coupled by their product line, speaks volumes as to what Jeunesse intends to accomplish.

Instantly Ageless

The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and under eye bags are reduced within 2 minutes and the results last anywhere from 6 to 9 hours. Targeting areas that have lost their elasticity, this specifically designed micro-cream will give the appearance of more toned, lifted skin.


Jeunesse uses their exclusive, youth-enhancing APT-200 in this product that includes a skin-perfecting primer, foundation, and bronzer. This product works to cover blemishes and give the perfect airbrush finish to skin with a simple application process.


Taking the form of a tasty blend of super-fruits that contain various antioxidants, Reserve is a convenient diet supplement. Containing no added sugars, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, a botanical blend of antioxidants super-charge internal systems and help give a more youthful feel to living.


Jeunesse takes an Eastern medicine approach with this supplement made with L-Theanine, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and CERA-Q (a protein derived from silkworm cocoons). It is a distraction reducing, memory enhancing, and mental distraction reducing gel-pack supplement for the mind.


Taking a different route, this is a skin enhancing supplement that is drinkable. Using clinically tested TruMarine Collagen, this supplement promotes a younger appearance in as little as 4 weeks by increasing skin hydration and promoting normal collagen formation.

While this is not all of the products that Jeunesse offers, it does give insight into the company’s product line and general product goals.