Roberto Santiago Created a Mall That Was Unique

For Roberto Santiago to make the Manaira Mall the best it could be, he knew he would have to work hard at the building process. He developed the mall in a way that was different from most other malls. It was what helped him realize he would have to try different things. Since Roberto Santiago knew what the mall needed, he also knew it would be something most people would be able to benefit from. Since the mall was a way to bolster the economy in Manaira, most people were supportive of it and chose to shop there instead of other places that may have the same things to offer. Roberto Santiago knew this would happen as long as he was putting in valuable stores so he chose to continue making the mall the best that it could be no matter what issues people would traditionally have with malls.


All the things Roberto Santiago was doing for Manaira Mall paid off. The mall boom ended in the early 2000’s, and people stopped going to malls because they could simply shop online. Many malls around Brazil and the entire world suffered. Some even closed their doors because there was no need for them to stay open. The Manaira Mall, though, not only stayed open but it also continued to thrive. Even though people are still shopping online, the Manaira Mall is thriving because of everything Roberto Santiago did to make sure it would be the best mall possible. He wanted everyone to know they could have a positive experience no matter what issues there were with other malls.


Even when the Manaira Mall started out, there were many people who enjoyed what it had to offer. Roberto Santiago wanted people to know what the mall was like so he made it a point to show them everything they could do with the mall. He also wanted it to be unique so he chose to offer everyone the opportunities they needed to be successful in different areas. By adding the expo center on the roof of the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago was setting himself up for success.


The expo center was unlike anything any other mall in Brazil had. While there were expo centers in the country, none of them were on the top of a shopping mall. The center was convenient for people who were coming to see the shows because they could shop and eat at the mall below anytime they wanted. It was also convenient for people who were there to shop and eat. They would always have a way to be entertained. The expo center, combined with the 11 movie theaters in the mall, made it one of the most entertaining places for people to go in Manaira.


José Borghi Has A Unique Perspective Concerning Advertising

In the business world today, companies must have a way of getting the attention of the public. Most companies do this through some form of marketing. While many people think that marketing is easy, there is an art to marketing that allows companies to become known in the public. Some companies have in-house advertising staff that conducts all the advertising efforts of the companies. However, there are some companies that choose to outsource all advertising efforts.

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