Ryan Seacrest’s Routine

Ryan Seacrest’s Routine

Ryan Seacrest is a noted television and radio personality who hosts “Live with Kelly Ripa,” along with producing other TV shows like “American Idol.” The individual is still adjusting to life in New York City, since moving from Los Angeles and an article by The New York Times goes into Seacrest’s daily routine. Ryan Seacrest typically starts his day off with a shower followed by matcha tea and coffee to start the morning off right. Now, the personality is endowed to fitness and stays on top of it by having a trainer. Currently, he works out with a boxing coach and makes sure to get in cardio by running on a treadmill or out into the world. Next on his daily routine is staying on top of all the news, watching television and preparing to go to work. Ryan Seacrest has developed the need to only answer phone calls in the first half of the day, and think about all the essential content for the second half. He has been able to develop this over time and understands that not everything has to be dealt with all at once or immediately.

Producer Ryan Seacrest also goes into giving some advice by stating that people should be saying “yes” or “got it” if they want to be successful and believes that is what they do. The radio personality describes in the article that he has now gone vegan and wants to take care of his body on the outside, but also inside. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) wants to live well and on the weekends will relax with a nice dinner and a bottle of wine. Technology has consumed our lives only more and more since it’s evolution and Ryan usually locks up his phone in a safe when on trips and of not using it as much. He understands that there are more important matters to attend to than the phone and having attention deficit disorder can sometimes make it difficult for him. The article ends with a bright message of Ryan Seacrest taking in a great quote from Dick Clark that doing a job effectively being a broadcaster or host equals making it seem easy to others.

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