“Marc Beer Renovia: Using Innovative Technology to Solve Pelvic Floor Disorders “

“Marc Beer Renovia: Using Innovative Technology to Solve Pelvic Floor Disorders “

Despite the latest development in the medical field, a significant number of individuals are still suffering from curable disorders that have hampered the better part of their lives due to the lack of treatment options. Advancement in medical fields should signal an end to some of the rare diseases that some people are still trying to find feasible solutions. Renovia is focused on finding some of the best medical innovations which will solve some of the rare disorders, especially those that affect women. Renovia has already developed an innovative product, Leva, which will help women to live a healthier life.


A large number of women, estimated to be more than two hundred and fifty million, around the world are experiencing rare health conditions related to pelvic floor disorders. Some of these conditions include pelvic floor pain and urinary inconsistency. To date, there has not been a technology that helps individuals to solve or monitor their pelvic floor disorders, which has had some significant negative impacts on the overall health of women. The company has developed Leva, an advanced product that has the capacity of being the game changer in the industry.


Leva, a digital health system, comprises of a smartphone application and a probe, which are sold along with another data recording device. EmbaGYN Pelvic Floor Exerciser is a complex device that helps women to train their muscles so that they can have enough strength to control and monitor their urinary system. The product has proved beneficial to a significant number of women, with some of them reporting to having their urinary consistence back. However, the company is involved in a training program that helps women to understand how to use the device in a better way so that it can be beneficial to them.


Given that the Leva device is connected to a smartphone, it can easily record important data, which will help people to understand more about their pelvic floor disorders. The mobile application will record real-time data about muscle strength and urinary consistence, which will help the users to understand their health conditions in a better way, hence allowing them to select the best treatment option in the industry. By having an opportunity to understand their health conditions and choosing the best treatment alternative, people will be able to cut their overall expenditure on healthcare.


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an experienced Chief Executive Officer of Renovia. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. Marc has previously operated in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies where he proved to be a reliable expert in the development of advanced medical devices. He has extensive marketing skills and large networks, which helps him to sell organizational products on large scale and within a short period. Marc has played a vital role in securing funds to help in the mass production of leva. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer


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