How Steve Ritchie’s Style Of Management Is Transforming Papa John’s International

How Steve Ritchie’s Style Of Management Is Transforming Papa John’s International

It is said that pizza may be the only thing that unites people in the world and Papa John’s is the primary address. Some people have concluded that pizza is the only thing that gives more than it takes. Well, if you order Papa John’s pizza, you will without a doubt appreciate the quality of the pizza. You can count on Papa John’s to create and deliver pizza of unmatched quality as they have been doing for the last three decades. For Papa John’s, excellent quality is more of a habit than an obligation. It is a tradition that the pizza company has maintained and improved since it was founded back in 1984. This is made possible by the unique training, hiring and promotion philosophy that all the managers uphold, including the current CEO Mr. Steve Ritchie.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was first engaged with Papa John’s in 1996 when he worked as a customer representative. His rise to the top was a long row to hoe and required Steve Ritchie to summon the best of his abilities in all positions that he served. Steve Ritchie is a man of many parts like he demonstrated working as a delivery driver, Franchise owner and also as the chief operating officer. As the CEO of the multi-million pizza company, Steve Ritchie is in charge of more than 120, 000 employees in 5,000 locations in forty-five nations of the globe. This is a task Steve Richie has taken by the heart, and his recent efforts geared towards improving the image of the company says a lot about his unique management styles.

According to Steve Ritchie, breeding future leaders of the company is a task he is fully committed to. Ritchie vows to uphold the established traditions of the company which includes creating high-quality pizza and promoting exceptional employees to senior management. He also plans in rolling out a diversity training for its employees.

More about Steve Ritchie

Steve has been with Papa John’s International since 1996. He has served as Senior Vice President of Papa John’s International Inc., Senior Vice President of North & Latin American Operations and Vice President Operations & Global OST. These are just some of the few executive positions he has held at the company until he was appointed as the CEO and President late last year.

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