Graeme Holm: MBA Top 100 Broker and director at Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm: MBA Top 100 Broker and director at Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is the founder of the Infinity Group Australia. He created this company in 2012 alongside his partner Rebecca Walker. For more than 15 years, Holm was working in the financial service industry. He is passionate about financial management which observes integrity issues. Holm left the banking industry because he felt the banks were not sincere with their clients, they were part of the reasons many Australians were struggling with debts. He saw the need to offer Australians working and honest solutions, to the challenges they were going through. He had a plan that would get ordinary Australian families a chance to get out of debt.

To offer the solution effectively, Graeme Holm decided to create a company. Through this company, he would address the debt burdens which were crippling the financial lives of many Australians. From his previous experience in the last job, Holm knew how to create confidence among the people in an institution. Due to the impressive results that he was achieving, he attained the rank of MBA Top 100 Broker. Through him, Infinity Group has intervened on cases between debtors and creditors to solve outstanding debt issues. The company is acting for the best interests of its clients. As a result of the work they are doing, many Australian families have benefited.

The success of Infinity Group arises from the level of customer service they give to their clients. So far, the company has had a 100 percent success rate with the loans affecting their clients, which is by all standards an impressive track record. According to statistics from Infinity Group, each client was able to repay more amount in three months than it used to happen in one year previously. With such an incredible reduction rate, there is no way the company will not succeed. In one year, the average loan reduction stands at $41,000. Once Infinity Group Australia takes over your financial life, they do not leave until you are debt-free and are in a position to create your own budget plans that leave enough for your future financial status. These results have placed the company in a top position as a leading company in the region.

Infinity Group Australia has offices in five locations, a factor that shows how first the company has grown in just five years. The rate of growth can be attributed to the high number of people who were in need of the services offered by the company. Graeme Holm’s leadership have assisted the company to rise above the rest in the delivery of quality services. Holm is an MPA Top 100 broker in customer service and management for 2018.

Infinity Group and Graeme Holm continue researching and coming up with the most effective solutions. As a leader and one of the trusted names in the financial industry, Graeme Holm is ready to alleviate the problems of many people across the country through incredible financial solutions. The company is witnessing an influx of customers as more people learn about the innovative  solutions they are offering. Learn more:

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