How ClassDojo Created An App That Solved Teacher’s Problems

How ClassDojo Created An App That Solved Teacher’s Problems

The education technology sector is doing pretty well nowadays. More school districts are buying their products and services and it was worth about $1.4 billion as of the end of 2017. Still, not every company in this industry is doing well. There are still too many entrepreneurs who think they can just pump out a product or service that sounds good to them and schools will come to them. This isn’t the case at all and the secret some of them still haven’t learned is that you need to get teachers onboard.

Teachers want solutions in their classroom, not some fancy app with a big “wow” factor that doesn’t actually fulfill any need they have. ClassDojo is an education technology firm that wanted to create an app that would be truly useful in a classroom. What they came up with is a communication platform that is used in classrooms to foster a positive learning culture. How this app works is that it replaces the old parent-teacher conference paradigm. Instead, teachers, parents, and students can communicate through ClassDojo at any time. Parents are much more involved which almost always helps to boost student success rates.

In order to develop this app, ClassDojo went around and found out what teachers need, which should be a no-brainer but isn’t. As they developed the app they kept a group of teachers in the loop who offered their opinions and what they needed out of a communication platform. Teachers are the people to have involved as they know precisely what they need to help students learn. School district administrators depend on teacher’s opinions when it comes to buying materials for use in the classroom.

It was on June 1, 2011, that ClassDojo was founded. It was co-founded in San Francisco by Sam Chaudhry and Liam Don. In the past seven years, it has become very popular and is now used in two in three schools in America. It is also available internationally and has been translated into several languages. It’s a straightforward and easy to use app that can be used through a web browser or on Google or Apple mobile devices.

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