Hussain Sajwani Leads DAMAC After A Long Business Road Has Been Traveled

Hussain Sajwani Leads DAMAC After A Long Business Road Has Been Traveled

Traveling the road to business success can be tough for many to travel, but DAMAC’s Hussain Sajwani has proven the path can be successfully traversed by those with the right work ethic. The University of Washington graduate worked his way through various industrial sectors on his way to his current role as the head of one of the world’s leading luxury real estate developers. DAMAC now encapsulates a range of companies, including a successful catering services provider and the impressive DICO Investments brand.

Born in the mid-1950s, Hussain Sajwani has always had close links to the U.S. including his studies at the University of Washington and his partnership with President Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani formed his first partnership with members of the U.S. through his work with the U.S. military during the Iraq Wars, a role resulting in Sajwani’s company being honored by the U.S. Government for their work. The catering business was the first to be created by real estate investor  Hussain Sajwani when he was working as an oil and gas industry executive who spotted no other catering service was offered in the Middle East.

The luxury real estate business of Hussain Sajwani may not have yet made it to the U.S. but the influence of the man behind DAMAC continues around the world. Prior to the arrival of Donald Trump in The White House, Hussain Sajwani had aligned his DAMAC brand with the New York real estate mogul. A series of golf resorts have been constructed throughout the desert area of Dubai bearing the Trump brand name which has been extremely well reviewed. The partnership will be forced to come to an end for the extent of the time the President remains in office, but Sajwani and DAMAC are eagerly awaiting the end of the term of the President to reveal a rumored $2 billion real estate contract.


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