Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes

Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes

NexBank one of the best performing and known banks in Dallas. The bank boasts a range of users that enjoy its excellent services and opportunities. NexBank keeps its competitive zeal by ensuring that it hires competent, experienced and informed employees to serve its diversified customer base. NexBank was established by James Dondero in the year 1922 as a commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking services provider in Dallas.

Recently, Dallas Neighborhood Homes publicized that it is set to provide soft and comfortable to pay Affordable Housing Loan Program. The program is set to be kept accessible by families that live in Southern Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a nonprofit mortgage provider that has partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to fund and manage the program. The program is aimed at providing 100 or more Affordable Housing Loans every year for five consecutive years and targets low-income earners in specific areas in Southern Dallas.

Interestingly, NexBank has also joined in the program with an agreement of offering a maximum of $50 million for loans in the bid to support the Affordable Housing Loans Program. NexBank has a goal of ensuring that the program is expanded and benefits as many people as possible for the next five years. The core controller of the program, the Dallas Neighborhood Homes will use the money offered by NexBank and other finance providers to lend to the families that are low-income generating and have limited access to mortgage services. Additionally, the firm will provide counseling to the new homeowners with a goal of allowing them psychological preparedness for home ownership. Counseling is a responsibility of the financial counseling service provider unit of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

Commenting about the effort made by NexBank, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity president thanked the bank for stretching its supportive hand that has given life to the program of ensuring that low-income earners in Southern Dallas acquire good homes for their shelter. The president continued that the loaning program will address the current need of fixing the problems of low ownership rates in Texas keeping it in mind that Texas is the most affected in this regard across the nation.

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