When Bottled, Go Waiakea Water

When Bottled, Go Waiakea Water

Bottled water has recently become more and more popular today. For whatever personal reason it it, whether it be preference or benefits, many people like to choose a brand of bottled water and stick to it. Waiakea Water is one of many major bottled water companies that have struct popularity. The water originates from the founders childhood, near his uncles backyard by a volcano in Hawaii. The Hawaii volcanic water is said to be very delicious and tasty. The company founded by current CEO Ryan Emmons, donated much of its water to those in crucial areas in need.

There are many volcanic water benefits that are included with Waiakea Water. The company claims the water has many electrolytes and minerals and that there are no added artificers. That means the water is completely natural. Not to mention that for every liter sold, the company will donate water to those in need for a whole week. Waiakea Water also keeps pH scale of 8.2. Normally bottled waters is more acidic which may affect people with acid reflux, but because Waiakea Water has an 8.2 on the pH scale, you are sure to avoid acid and as well receive all nutrients that are normally removed in bottled water.

Waiakea Water is also the first water brand to ever use this new process of filtration. The water travels through 14 thousand feet worth of volcanic rock. The filtration is completely natural. The water comes from Mauna Loa and it rains almost every day of the year there and is considered one of the most rained places on Earth. This keeps a constant water supply. The environment takes a huge part in Hawaiian culture and by purchasing a bottle of Waiakea Water, you too are taking part in supporting the planet. Waiakea Water is great for many occasions whether it is for health benefits or knowing their work is providing fresh water to those in need.


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