Madison Street Capital, Excellent in Middle Management Finances for Businesses

Madison Street Capital, Excellent in Middle Management Finances for Businesses

Oak Street Funding has given Infiniti HR a $4.3 million-dollar growth capital facility. As exclusive financial advisors, Madison Street Capital, was the advisor team that handled all the proceeding between the two companies. The partnership will allow Infiniti HR to continue helping small and medium sized businesses.


Infiniti HR is located in Burtonsville, Maryland and provides business and human resources solutions for businesses throughout the community. These small and medium sized businesses can then focus on the building of their business, while Infiniti HR looks after the human resource and safety and risk management compliance issues.


When partnering with Infiniti HR, businesses are able to handle employment matters easier with the guidance from Infiniti HR. Infiniti will help with statutory and federal obligation, payroll processing, human resource administration and employee benefits. Infiniti’s experts will handle these problems while you keep your mind on growing your business.


The transaction between Oak Street Funding and Infiniti HR was an equally positive proposition. Rick Dennen, President and CEO of Oak Street, knows the difficulty that Infiniti HR’s business management teams handle. He knows they have the strength to provide great services to small and medium sized businesses. With Oak Street Funding being in the insurance area, they are pleased to provide the needed capital to other companies that are also active in insurance services.


Madison Street Capital is known as one of the finest and professional middle market financial banking firms. As a leader in mergers and acquisitions, they have the ability to satisfy clients with the suitable financing for expanding or growing their businesses. Madison Street Capital’s main offices are in Chicago, Illinois, but they also have offices in Africa, and Asia. With years of experience, Madison Street Capital, services clients in all types of financial services. They handle hedge funds, restructuring services, and mergers and acquisitions. They also have expert advisors handling corporate advisory services, sell side services for private equity, advisory and financial opinion services, and business valuation services.


The professionals at Madison Street Capital, assist clients in all sorts of industries. Their clients demand a high level of precise suggestions and careful evaluation of all their business transactions. The professionals at Madison Street Capital deliver the services to their clients who want to sell a business, are looking for acquisitions, building a strategy, or need matters of corporate governance. Their history in middle management finance, has served many clients to their success.


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