Alex Pall Gives Fans A Glimpse Inside Of The Chainsmokers’ Lives

Alex Pall Gives Fans A Glimpse Inside Of The Chainsmokers’ Lives

Alex Pall is best known for being one half of The Chainsmokers. In the past, he opened up to fans and gave them a glimpse inside his and Andrew Taggart. He’s what he said during that specific interview with ‘Interview Magazine.’

How Did The Chainsmokers Start Working Together

Alex Pall has always been into playing music, but being a DJ was more of a hobby than anything else. However, he launched a mini-career when he started showcasing his DJing talents around NYC. Before he knew it, he wanted to give DJing a good go, and he was eventually introduced to Andrew via his manager. Andrew took a chance and left Maine to move to NYC, and the rest is history. The Chainsmokers was born right there and then.

Pall On Singing Their Own Songs

Alex Pall and Andrew sing their own songs or play a role in the creation process. This is unique because not many artists do this. Alex Pall believes they should play a crucial role in the creative side of things because the songs are mainly about the duo. He added that it is important for The Chainsmokers to put out songs that really are a good representation of who they are.

Working With Halsey

Alex spoke about working with another well-known artist on The Chainsmokers hit ‘Closer.’ That artist is Halsey, who Alex had nothing but good things to say about. A year before he and Andrew released Closer, Alex said Halsey would have been at the top of the list of they were asked what kind of artist they would wish to collaborate with.

To get more of a glimpse inside the lives of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, fans are encouraged to visit the Chainsmokers’ website or purchase one of their albums or listen to a few of their singles.

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