Betsy DeVos and the History of Her Educational Convictions

Betsy DeVos and the History of Her Educational Convictions

Education is very important to life in general. This is something that Betsy DeVos believes. However, she did not just develop that belief out of nowhere or from something that she has read about. She has held these beliefs even in the family that she was born in. Her family comes from the Netherlands. There is also a historical debate about education. One of the historical events that have happened was the decision to focus all of the attention on secular schools. There was also the decision to make education something that is more secular by nature. This is something that Betsy was not wanting to allow to continue.


One thing Betsy DeVos has done in order to help with education is to make sure her children are getting the right type of education in the right type of schools. One thing that she has done is pay to have her children in different schools. While she was doing this, she has seen that there were other parents who were paying for their children to go to better schools. The only thing is that they were making sacrifices in order to get their children into better schools. Once she has seen that, she was moved to be a part of that.


This has started her on a path that has brought her to the idea of school choice. She has worked very hard to bring forth the School Choice initiative so that parents can have a choice of the schools that children are going to go to so that they will be able to choose the type of education they are going to get. This allows children in the Michigan cities can get schooling that is both safe and applicable to the rest of their lives.


Betsy DeVos is also involved in the funding of education. One thing that is wrong with the educational system today is that a lot of schools are lacking adequate funds. This causes people to get less than adequate education. As a result, they do not have the best direction when it comes to their career choices. One thing that Betsy DeVos does is work on enabling educational facilities to give people the inspiration to pursue something that is going to give them a ton of income as well as meaning. Education is the difference between working a dead-end job and finding a career that can support them.


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