Jeremy Goldstein on the Importance of Knock Out Options

Jeremy Goldstein on the Importance of Knock Out Options

During the last couple of years, corporations and companies deemed it wise to suspend giving remuneration in terms of stock options. Other entities did it to be able to avoid the need to spend money; however, the causes are more complicated. There are three essential issues according to Jeremy Goldstein that pushes companies to stop giving the said remunerations as listed below:


  1. There is a possibility that the value of the stock can decrease substantially, which would be difficult for the employees to apply their options. But still businesses are mandated to provide copies of their expenses in their books and financial statements, while investors are at a losing end when their ownerships in stocks decrease due to the fall of prices in the market.
  2. Employees are often not in favor of this type of incentive or payment because the market is very volatile and when prices go down shares and stocks also devaluate from their original worth. The cited benefits are comparable to tokens that cannot be used in the real world for purchases and other forms of payment.
  3. The results of options can have a disadvantageous effect on accounting purposes where the costs can obscure the product’s benefits. Workers cannot comprehend the value of this type of benefit if employers have the capacity to pay better salaries once it is eliminated from the company’s payment scheme.


But as per Jeremy Goldstein, stock options have more advantages than other forms of payments or benefits given by a company versus the following: salary increase, comprehensive insurance, and equities; for the reason that employees can visualize a tangible value or worth for the option.



Moreover, options increase personal incomes only when a company’s stock prices increase. And this is the basis on how the company’s ability is perceived by people, so employees need to make an added effort to seek potential customers that are desirable and provide a better service or product to current customers.



The situation becomes denser when the application of some Internal Revenue Service is needed to be done, which often occurs when companies create their respective benefits package for their employees. This similarly increases tax payments when shares are preferably doled out than options.



To solve the issue as per Jeremy Goldstein’s recommendation, companies should administer the correct strategy and should take precautions in reducing overhangs including expenses associated with the compensation. He likewise encourages the implementation of knock-out options that can be more beneficial to employees as well as their employers.



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