The Philanthropy, Environmental Awareness, and Health Benefits of Waiakea Water Company

Some people are resistant to purchasing bottled water, as they find it unnecessary for their health and detrimental to the environment. Through its operations, Waiakea Water Company has proved them wrong by packaging water that is environmentally-friendly and health-conscious. The company has also played a major role in offering clean water to many disadvantaged communities in rural areas of Africa. Below is a summary of the philanthropic, environmental, and health benefits of the Waiakea Water Company.

Philanthropic Activities

Waiakea Water Company has partnered with Pump Aid, a charity dedicated to help communities that have no access to water in Africa’s rural areas. The philanthropic acts implemented by the company have attracted many consumers who love its charitable philosophy.

Up to date, Waiakea, in partnership with Pump Aid, has donated roughly 650 million liters of clean water to the African communities. This has given access to clean and safe water to a large number of people who needs it. It has also built large pumps that help in distributing water to the African communities.

Health and Environmental Benefits

The company is the first bottled water company to receive a Carbon Neutral rating. This indicates that its manufacturing and distribution processes will not threaten the environmental status of the surrounding area. The company has also encouraged the transportation of water in stainless containers to maintain water purity.

Waiakea water is extracted from the purest sources of volcanic rocks and as it flows it collects minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium from the rocks that are essential to human bodies. Bottled water from the company is also rich in alkaline that plays an important role in the balance of the body fluids. Alkaline water can also help in fighting osteoporosis, a disease that mainly affects women.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the Waiakea Water Company plays an important role in ensuring that most of the disadvantaged communities in rural Africa have access to safe and clean water. The company has implemented environmentally friendly practices and it has ensured its products are safe for human consumption.

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