Mike Heiligenstein Leads Mobility Authority to Improve Austin Roads

Mike Heiligenstein Leads Mobility Authority to Improve Austin Roads

The American-Statesman predicted traffic congestion in Austin, adding that only a tech solution would help solve the issue. According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein agrees with this argument and assures that it the responsibility of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority to apply different measures to tackle traffic problem in the region.

Responsibilities and Achievements of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

In addition to using various resources in addressing traffic issues in Austin, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is also responsible for building mobility solutions. The agency which was started by the people of Williamson and Travis counties is accountable to the residents.

In this quest, the authority has managed to build the 183A Toll in Leander and Cedar Park. The road provides traffic solution to the region and acts as an asset as the area experiences exponential growth. The U.S 290 toll road which was built between Austin and Manor helped increase the capacity of the previous road while at the same time increasing the number of non-toll lanes.

Use of Technology in Developing Smart Roads

The authority is driven by the need to innovate the roads situation in the region. Where possible, they are using technology to develop smart roads with the aim of easing congestion. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.supplychaindigital.com/International-Bridge-Tunnel-and-Turnpike-Association/executives/Mike-Heiligenstein/31

For instance, in the MoPac Express Lanes, they have used sophisticated technology to build variable tolling which helps manage traffic flow. The variable tolling rates help synchronize supply and demand hence improving traffic flow.

On the 183 South project saw embedding of fiber lanes between the airport and the US 290. This kind of technology was used in preparation for the time when the vehicles will be talking to the road. In such times, the roads will be in a position to detect a car going the wrong direction and place a road exit ramp.

Additionally, the agency partnered with Metropia which helped them build a traffic app which was integrated with the company’s monitoring system. The app proves to be very effective in providing real-time alternative routes for commuters.

Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein services as Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director. The agency was founded in 2002 with the responsibility of improving the transportation system in Travis and Williamson counties. He is also serving on the board of several companies including the Tunnel and Turnpike Association, International Bridge, and Texas Transportation Institute.

Mike holds a degree in Government and a Masters in Government and Business Administration from the University of Texas.

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