Alexandre Gama – Among Brazil’s Largest Advertisers

Alexandre Gama – Among Brazil’s Largest Advertisers

Mr Alexandre Gama is a widely successful businessman from Brazil. He works in the fields of advertising and communications. He founded the company Neogama and serves as CEO and CCO of the startup. Currently, Neogama is among the twenty strongest advertising agencies of Brazil.

One of the many accomplishments in Mr Alexandre Gama’s career is that he was the first Brazilian to assume leadership of a global network of businesses by occupying the position of Global Chief Creative Officer (WCCO). He achieved that when he started working for BBH which is an agency network based in Great Britain. Mr Alexandre Gama is also one of six members of an international committee called Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board. The organisation is a global network of creative companies.

Mr Alexandre Gama received his education from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation majoring in Advertising and Communications. His career started with a position of copywriter and a creative for the company of Standard Ogilvy & Mather which he took in 1982. He had also worked as copywriter and Creative Director for DM9 and a few other places before he moved on to establish his advertising agency of Neogama in the middle of 1999 and achieve the success he has today.



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