Jason Halpern Real Estate Expertise and the Success of JMH Development

Jason Halpern Real Estate Expertise and the Success of JMH Development

Jason Halpern is a respected and cherished man not only by his family but also in the real estate sector in the US. He is the face of JMH Development Company. He has steered the family business to unimaginable heights.

Jason Halpern

Jason is the current principal of the JMH development. The firm builds luxury houses, hotels, and apartments among other structures.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

JMH development is committed to developing modern and world-class structures. Recently, the company developed Aloft South Beach Hotel. Jason believes that the recognition of the Aloft South Beach Hotel will attract more investors as well as boost their reputation in the real estate sector.

The JMH principal assures visiting clients that they will access outdoor pooling as they enjoy the ambiance of the sea. Besides, guests will enjoy a roof deck lounge and gym facilities to relax. Jason also notes that the hotel will have live performances from popular upcoming and famous musicians and thrilling performances by the best bands.

Halpern has a great reputation of restoring historical structures and making them look appealing again. With an experience of over twenty years, only the haters can dispute this claim. Jason has proven that he deserves the credit. Apart from running the family business, Halpern is also the director of Parametric Dinning LLC.

Jason and his company have participated in various philanthropic initiatives in New York and other parts of the US. He demonstrates a significant commitment of his time and resources to helping the less privileged in the society. Through JMH, Jason invested in the building of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The fundamental aim was to reach out to individuals suffering from heart and neurological disorders. The trauma center conducts surgeries on such people to help them recover from their ailments.

Moreover, Halpern trauma center assists people with burns as well as internal injuries. Besides, the center helps pregnant women and children. Jason continues showing his charitable personality by contributing to various community projects. For instance, in 2015, JMH development entered a partnership with Global Water to help people in Nepal and Ethiopia. The projects have enabled the majority of Nepalese and Ethiopian locals to access clean and safe drinking water.


Doubtlessly JMH Development has continued to prosper under the leadership of Jason Halpern. His expertise in real estate and passion in helping the poor has made him succeed to make JMH Development a multi-million company. Conservative estimates place the value of JMH at over $500million.This phenomenal growth can be attributed to Jason’s hard work and commitment.

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